Monday, August 27, 2012

Shout Out: Jim Hannan "vSphere 5 Advantages for VBCA -- Part 4 vMotion"

Call me silly, ....nevermind....don't. But I get amazed at features within vSphere that now a days are taken for granted a lot of times. I can't seem to ever get enough of the nitty gritty details of how all the components like vMotion, HA, DRS, NUMA, etc work and orchestrate together. Good thing for me, I work with a bunch of people who share that same desire to know and understand how the vSphere components work. Check out this blog post from Jim Hannan, a co-worker of mine and a Solutions Architect at House of Brick Technologies. His post is about Virtualizing Business Critical Applications/Systems and what are the gained benefits of doing so with vSphere 5.0.
Heres a snippet from his post that I particularly enjoyed:

"vMotion, originally introduced in ESX 2.0 with vCenter 1.0, offered a feature unlike any in the industry. For many organizations, it was the quintessential reason to virtualize their workloads.Care to guess what interactive application was used by VMware to demo the first migrations?Answer: Pinball."

I wasnt in the industry at that time, but I would have loved to see that moment in person:

~~~~*Que the harp music; Movie transition to a memory in the past that didn't happen*~~~~

Me: "Did you see that?"
Guy Next to Me: "Yes, I am sitting right here.....*pause*......watching the same thing you are?"
Me: "Did you see that.....S E R I O U S L Y?"
Guy Next to Me: "Yes....."
Me: "He saved the ball right when it was about to go in!...holy crap."
Guy Next to Me: "You're missing the poin........nevermind"
Guy Next to Me: *Maybe if I dont move....or breathe...he wont know I am here, Jurassic Park Style*
Me: *Guy totally missed that awesome save, VMware rocks*

Heres the link, spend 5 minutes and read it over, its an awesome quick post:

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