Wednesday, September 26, 2012

VMware Certified Professional 5

It has been awhile since I composed a new blog post, there was a really good reason for it...I swear! I had been studying for quite awhile to take the VCP5 exam. If you have never attempted this test, be forewarned, it is extremely hard. I had studied super hard, I had even bought the new Official VCP5 Certification Guide published by VMware and blew through the book in a week, and felt very comfortable with my knowledge of the subjects found in it. The book comes with testing software and if you buy the "Special" edition eBook it comes with more advanced testing software than just the book comes with. I was blowing those mock exams, provided in the testing software, out of the water. I had been scoring 480 out of 500, and taking only 30 minutes to do it too. I thought I was set! I signed up and took the exam and I was metaphorically pants'd. My first attempt was a 275 out of 500, needing 300 to pass. I was surprised at the difficulty of the test, they truly want you to have a deep knowledge of the material and troubleshooting methods. I felt pretty frustrated because a lit if hard work had been done, but I knew I needed to change my preparation methods. The key for me was doing more hands on versus just reading more. I signed up for the next soonest exam date I could (you have to wait 7 days), and through a lot of hard work and help from my wife and co workers I passed the exam on 20th. I plan to share my studying techniques and, recommend in detail areas of study in my next few posts while it is fresh in my mind. Thanks to everyone who helped me get to this awesome milestone in my career, thanks to all of those co-workers at House of Brick Technologies who helped me out, answered questions when I had them, and was supportive of me taking on this exam, you know who you are! More to come on prepping for the exam! WOO HOO


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