Sunday, October 7, 2012

SQL Saturday: #165 Lincoln

Had an awesome time at SQL Saturday #165 in Lincoln yesterday! Went down to Lincoln with a few co-workers and was able to see 3 co-workers from House of Brick Technologies present in different sessions. Great job David Pettengill, Andy Galbraith (@ DBA_ANDY) and David Klee (@kleegeek) on your presentations I enjoyed them all. This was my first SQL Saturday and it was a great experience, I love how the SQL Server community works together to help industry and technology progression.

A favorite presentation of mine yesterday was "SQL Server Internals: It's Whats for Dinner" by Christina Leo (@ChristinaLeo), it was very in depth presentation and very well pulled off. A theme of mine if you haven't read some of my other blog posts, is that I enjoy and appreciate simplicity, and her presentation was presented in a very simplistic easy to understand manner. When someone can explain a subject in such an easy to understand way, you know they know their stuff! She also used a pretty fun analogy comparing the internals of SQL Server to preparing and cooking a meal using a recipe...sounds nuts, but it was pretty awesome how she made it all relate. Great presentation Christina (who will probably never see my blog ;)).
Cant wait for SQL Saturday in Omaha April 6th!


  1. Thanks Jeff! I'm glad you found the information useful. And I especially like that you found the cooking analogy apt.

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