Friday, August 9, 2013

Veeam - Cannot Perform Threshold Check

I'll tell you one thing I hate and that's any kind of warning, alert, exclamation point, red triangle danger zone alert that shows up in the environments I work in. I get a little crazy and I HAVE to know what is causing it and get rid of them ASAP. Just like most admins, you want to see a clean, alert free, properly working environment so when I was helping a client relocate their Veeam backups to a new repository (off of a test location, and over to their permanent home) and start building out Veeam backups for their entire environment, I wanted it to be clean, done right and working properly. Everything seemed awesome, we had access to the backup share that became the new Veeam Backup repository and jobs were running successfully, UNTIL THE END! I instantly rent my clothes and smashed my laptop.....O.K. rewind, only one of those things happened, and it didn't result in a smashed laptop. I duct taped my clothes back together and gained some composure. 
Composed, I turned my attention to the report of the jobs. The jobs actually completed successfully, but because Veeam couldn't get a poll on the remaining space on the backup repository it was completing the jobs in a warning state, which drives me NUTS. Here is the warning I was getting: "Could not perform threshold check for backup location \\Backuplocation\Veeam due to space info retrievement fail!". 

The mice got on their wheels and I started to think about the what the possible issue could be, I instantly thought of permissions on the share, but that seemed like an odd conclusion because the share on the Backup Repository was actually wide open for admins. Turns out this is actually a known Veeam bug for CIF shares which is what I was using. Check this KB from Veeam for the details. The fix turned out to be a super simple task. Basically, this issue has been resolved in Veeam 6.5 patch 1, now this install of Veeam is only 40 days old and no patches have been applied, at the time of this writing patch 3 for Veeam 6.5 was available. Veeam states that all patches are cumulative, therefore I skipped 1 and 2 and jumped straight to patching Veeam with patch 3 (side note, patch 2 is mysteriously missing from the interwebs, conspiracy....for sure. I bet Veeam 6.5 patch 2 had an embedded version of Napster, the 1999 version. To bad I can't find patch 2 now). You can download patch 3 from here, look at the bottom of the KB for the download link, keep in mind you need a Veeam account to download it.

Installing the patch is super easy, download the patch, extract it from its archive and double click the executable. Make sure the Veeam console is closed or the install will fail. The install takes 30 seconds:

After the install is complete, when you start the Veeam console you will be prompted to update the Veeam components installed on all proxy machines.

Simply select the servers you want to push the update out to and let Veeam do its thing. You will see the progress of the install as it pushes out the updates, unpacks them, installs them and then reports back. When all is done, you should see a screen nearly identical to this, although I superimposed (or did I....) the star to indicate what a good job we all did, so, good job!:


  1. Patch 2 was an update to add licensing compatibility for the Cloud add on, and that's it. It's version and is with the cloud application download. FYI.

  2. Thanks Lycwolf for those details. I am sad to find out that patch didn't contain a copy of the old Napster ;)

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